Arab Turkish Travel Magazine


Arab Turkish Travel Magazine is a publication of S&M Publication for the Arabic speaking countries.

It is distributed at major travel and tourism exhibitions held in Turkey and Arab countries.

Arab &Turkish Travel Magazine promotes and helps to increase the travel and tourism traffic between all Arab countries and Turkey both ways and to promote travel and tourism to Arab countries and Turkey from the entire world.

Media Information
Circulation : 40.000 (digital)
Frequency: Once in a year
Distribution: Subscription and free copies
Trim Size: 230 x 330mm
Language: English
Published in: Turkey
Publisher: Suat Töre
Year Established: 2009
Company: S&M Publication Ltd.


Features Publishing Date Deadline
MAY ATM-Dubai 14.05.2021 07.05.2021

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230 x 330mm (Bleed) 230 x330mm (Bleed) 230x330mm (Bleed) 230x330mm (Bleed)  220 x 160 mm or


110 x 160 mm
EUR. 2000.- EUR. 1500.- EUR. 1200.- EUR.1000.- EUR. 600.- EUR. 400.-
(3-10 Pages) (other pages)


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